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Minimum 10 DAY PROGRAM

Based on your constitution and imbalances, you will be provided with a minimum 10 Day individual program. Please make enough space in this time to commit to the process. Some days will be difficult and it might be recommended to rest in bed a lot or rest in the house.

Your full availability will be required throughout the entire Panchakarma. I’ll guide you through the whole 10 days and decide every day how I continue the following day. There is not a fixed program as every individual is different. I recommend that you use this time to avoid using electronic devices (such as computers, mobile phones and ipads etc) as these cause imbalances in the system.

Please make sure that you don’t plan any activities in the days of your program. I highly recommend to rest a lot, as your system is working more than usual to release all the toxins and waste products. If you are too active it will proceed slower.

Ayurveda Wellness Day

There are 3 options for your wellness day:

All treatments take approximately 2.5 hours


Relaxation of nervous system

Give yourself one day of pure relaxation with a Abhaynaga Full body Oil massage followed by a Shirodhara Treatment.


Weight loss

If you want to lose weight then a full body oil massage is recommended, followed by a powder massage which will improve circulation.


Back pain

A full body oil massage with therapeutic oils combined with herbal stamp massage.


Ayurveda Constitution test


The consultation is a personal conversation and lasts 2 hours. In the first talk I get a single picture of your constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), your complaints and your metabolism (Agni). We then work on a nutrition plan together. After the discussion, the following will be edited in writing:

The characteristics of your constitution

Important rules to compensate for your condition

Overview of foods and spices available to you



90 min

Full body massage with high quality ayurvedic herbal oils.

Ayurvedic oil massages and treatments vitalize and nourish the body tissue in a unique way. The whole organism relaxes and is supplied with new life energy. All internal channels are opened and the body is stimulated to detoxify, renew the cells and heal.

The benefits are: Increases circulation, lubricates the joints, stimulates the internal organs of the body, corrects indigestion, imparts muscle tone, moves the lymph, aids in detoxification, increases stamina, softens and smoothens skin, stimulates nerves, cleansing & moisturizing.



15 minutes

Ayurvedic steam bath. Recommended after an oil massage because the skin pores open through Svedana, consequently the oil is better absorbed and toxins are transported away more easily in the body. Particularly gentle perspiration, since the head is kept cool and is relaxed immediately after the sudation.




A procedure which means application of warm oil on the head.

This procedure has a profound impact on the nervous system. The treatment directly and immediately calms, relaxes and has a cleansing effect on the mind and nerves.

Benefits: calming down the central nervous system, regulates blood pressure, supports the recovery process from a Stroke, helps for better concentration, headache, psoriasis and Insomnia etc.


Pinda Sweda


A heating treatment with herbal stamps. The generated heat helps to pacify the aggravated vata thus relieving the associated pain immediately.  It also helps to reduce weight in combination with other treatments.

Other Benefits include relief from: Vata imbalance, arthritis, Weakness of veins/muscles and Stiffness.


Thalodal - Pressure Massage


The Ayurveda pressure massage Thalodal is a stimulating ayurveda massage, which serves the stimulation and tightening of tissue and the activation of the metabolism. In this way, toxins are excreted which activate Agnis, strengthen the digestion and relax the muscles.


Garshan Massage - Silk-glove massage


It is similar to Abhyanga whole-body massage, but without oil. In the case of kapha-induced inertia, Garshan causes increased metabolism activity and brings new freshness and vitality.


Udvartana - Powder Massages


The powder massage is a dry massage and is used for the reduction of adipose tissue, has a detachment, is detoxifying and is also used for cellulite treatment. It creates velvety soft and delicate skin and also promotes blood circulation.


Padabhyanga - Foot Massage

30 min

Ayurvedic foot massage. Opens the subtle access to the earth and is very relaxing, stress reducing and metabolic-activating. Also relieves sleep disorders.


Ayurvedic Abdominal Massage

30 min

This brings the digestive energy into the right flow. Helpful for mental tensions, lack of energy, disorders in the abdominal and pelvic area.


Upanahasveda - Back Massage


Dissolves coarse and energetic blockages through specially coordinated and soothing massage techniques


Nasya - Cleaning method, medication through the nose


In order to clarify the head region, special drops are instilled into the nose, in particular in the case of excess Kapha. Nasya is used mainly for the following diseases:

Allergic diseases of the respiratory tract, disorders of the eyes, epilepsy,

diseases in the neck-nose-ears area, hay fever, chronic headache (including migraine),

chronic inflammation of the nasal sinuses, sleep disorders and tinnitus.


Basti - Enema


They involve the introducing of liquids like medicated oils, herbal concoctions and milk through the perineum in order to clean or heal the lower part of the body. Basti is effective for most of the digestive disorders like dry colon, dry rectum condition and the tendency towards constipation resulting from such conditions. It also provides relief in conditions like distension of abdomen, flatulence, spastic colon, dryness of digestive tract observed in chronic fever etc.


Tarpana - Eye treatment

30 min

Tarpana tops the list of Ayurvedic remedies meant for tackling diseases related to eye and vision.

Stress and strain related disorders of the eye are common in the present era of computers. People at any age suffer from bad eyesight due to technology addiction.

Computer eye syndrome is common in most of people.

Ayurveda offers the best time tested remedies for eye disorders and eye strain.




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