Breath Work

What is Breath Work?

It deeply supports the clearing away of old energies, patterns, conditioning, negative thoughts and emotions and opens the doors wide for new life and greater consciousness.


Most of us don’t breathe fully, we hold back the breath and have been doing so most of our lives. When we start to breathe fully and consciously we are easily able to release what we have been holding and open to an incredible expansion of consciousness, including greater forgiveness and self-love. This inner change brings about shifts in our outer lives for the better.


Breathwork emerged out of the consciousness era of the 60′s to support people in addressing core issues held in the subconscious while also expanding consciousness in order to contact one’s Essence — healing our false sense of separation.


Clarity Breathwork supports people to release stress and tension, heal and resolve trauma, gain deeper insights into current life issues, and access one’s own internal healing energy, creativity and greater knowing.

Working with Elke

Elke is a Clarity Breath work Practitioner trained for many years by  Ashanna Solrais and Dana Dharma Delong.


She attended their trainings several times and also organized Clarity Breath work Trainings in Ibiza.


She started using Breath work for her personal healing in 2006, which over the years became a big part in her life.


Elke is offering group sessions and private Sessions.


Together with Bettina Maureenji she created COSMIC ROSE Retreats a combination of Voice and Breath work.

Cosmic Rose Retreats

Clarity Breath Work and Voice Medicine Song Retreat, Odenwald, Germany 9th to 14th of August 2022


Clarity Breath Work & Voice Medicine Song Retreat (Facilitation in English and German translation) – With Bettina Maureenji & Elke Scior

9th to 14th of August 2022  | Landhaus Sonnenberg Odenwald, Germany


NEW: special extra offer ’90 minutes guitar & song workshop’ with Bettina Maureenji | 50 Euro to 80 Euro sliding scale per Person.


This is a unique opportunity to experience your self in the presence of a shamanic breath worker and Ayurvedic practitioner and her best friend a Vocal Coach and devotional musician. Combining those ingredients will send us all into the mystical realms of our selves and we might discover parts within our bodies and hearts that have not yet been seen or awakened.


 The combination of breath work and voice discovery can be a journey into non ordinary states of consciousness as well as an experience of inspiration we have not been aware of. We can have the opportunity to deeply relax and nourish ourselves and we can also use this space for transformation and healing to come forth. We will hold you in the arms of exquisite bliss or if necessary guide you through places inside your self that needs purification.


We will all take home memories that you will not forget, music that will accompany you daily and integrative breath work and voice exercises to lift your days and nights. You will also begin to connect to a conscious community that will support ever even after this retreat.



This retreat is for women and men who:

-Want to discover the beauty and potential of their voices.

-Feel to explore Breath Work and Vocal exercises as healing methods in daily life.

-Want to understand and experience the medicinal benefits of their own voice and breath.

-Are facilitators or therapists and want to widen their skills in this area to apply to their own work.

-Want to empower their speaking voice

-Enhance the vibration in all areas of their lives.

-Want to enjoy a weekend in nature with a group of conscious oriented people.

-Want to learn devotional songs from various traditions from around the world.

-Feel called to be part of a community devoted to self discovery and service.


 No musical or singing education is required in order to participate in this retreat!



Schedule includes:

-Breath Work Session

-Vocal Discovery Session

-Song Circle

-Sound Healing



-Lectures & Dialogues

-Spirit Poetry Concert

-Medi – Cine with Movie Director Juan Antin

-Special extra offer 2 hour guitar & song workshop with Bettina Maureenji | 50 Euro to 80 Euro sliding scale per Person.



Please request application with Bettina or Elke.

For more information on the program, schedule or any other questions please Contact Bettina or email or Group is limited to 15 people. Please RSVP asap with Bettina or Elke.


For reservations and booking in Europe and UK please contact


For reservations and booking in USA and other please contact


For information and logistics airport to venue please get in touch with (price per Person does NOT include travel, accommodation and food):


Euro €720,-  plus transfer fees per person includes one individual post retreat session online with Bettina or Elke.



 Please note terms:

-Deposit 50% to reserve your space.

-You can cancel until 09.07.2022  and receive 25% back or 100% if you can fill your seat.

-No refunds on special offers!

-Price per Person does NOT include travel, accommodation and food.

-Please book your room directly with the Venue. You can view the rooms and make your choice on the website: Landhaus Sonnenberg.

-Contact Rakendra for questions, booking rooms and food.

-You are responsible for your travel and safety to the retreat and back home.

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