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In 2004 Elke started practising Yoga and was fascinated by how she returned to balance through breath, physical exercises and conscious eating. Through these experiences she came across Ayurveda, the "science of life". Ayurveda is closely linked to yoga, as both serve to maintain the health and harmony of body, mind and soul.


Elke met her wonderful Ayurveda teacher Janavallabha Das in Germany in 2007. His trainings gave her a profound understanding of this ancient holistic healing system. His way of teaching was so captivating that she went with him and a group of students to India to explore more about Ayurveda in 2008. Elke stayed for more than 2 years in India for her studies, learning more and more about Ayurveda.


In 2009 Elke met Dr. Mini Joy in Kerala, who is running a Panchakarma Center. Dr. Mini Joy is the 5th Generation in her family practicing Ayurveda in a very authentic way. Elke was blessed to receive all of Dr. Mini Joy’s knowledge of the practice to share with others through her own healing.


Elke felt so strengthened and purified on all levels of her being, giving her the confidence to start her own business after her return from India.


Through the years of experiencing the purification process of her clients, she felt the need to learn an emotional support technique, where she felt listening was not enough. She took trainings in Clarity Breathwork, Shamanic Healing, Chakra balancing, Reiki, Emotional Release Journey (Brandon Bay). Elke is a certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner


Regularly Elke is returning back to India to Dr. Mini Joy’s Center for her own Panchakarma and to improve her knowledge.

Since 2012 she is living in Ibiza in Spain, which is a beautiful place for healing work and having a simple life in nature and peace.


Elke is running Ayurvedic Cleansing programs and Panchakarma’s almost all year around. For the last 2 years she started giving talks and workshops about Ayurveda in Yoga Retreat Centres, as she loves to share her knowledge to help people to find more balance in their lives.



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